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Technicolour Choir

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The SR team was approached by Patrick Steed, conductor and head of Technicolor Choir. He had a vision for a Phantom of the Opera themed night at the Exchange Hotel in Cardiff Bay. Patrick mentioned that the choir had previous issues regarding sound.

These issues were including but not limited to: feedback from microphones, certain choir members not being heard, the sound system not carrying enough punch for the high energy numbers and sound spilling out from the function rooms and disturbing hotel guests.

SR visited the site with Patrick and took the necessary measurements to CAD the room and develop a show file on Martin Audio’s Display software. To achieve the desired control SR deployed:

6 x Martin Audio WPC

4 x Martin Audio SXH218

6 x Martin Audio Blackline X8

This was driven by 4 Martin IK42 amplifiers and controlled by a Yamaha QL5 and Rio 3224.

SR initially quoted as an audio supplier but soon took on the entire event production. Specifying and supplying everything from audio to lighting, staging and production power.

Patrick and his guests loved the event production, but don’t just take our word for it:

“A 120 strong choir. 2 bands. 1 DJ. 350 audience members. 1 Beautiful Victorian Hall. Our events are epic parties - that look, sound and feel amazing. We are so grateful to have SR Productions on board to make this challenge a reality. They transformed the venue with lighting and met our complex sound requirements with perfection! A massive part of this was the ‘Martin Audio PA’ - that delivered power and clarity for the choir, the bands and the DJ. Everyone raved about how good we sounded - from every point in the venue - and I know we owe a big thanks to SR and the ‘Martin Audio PA’ from making this happen!” - Patrick Steed, Technicolour Choirs

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