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From day one, lighting has always been at the core of what we do. Light has an unparalleled ability to transform a space quickly and effectively. From subtle uplighting to highlight the architecture of a beautiful wedding venue, to a cutting edge lighting performance for a warehouse rave, we have the skills and equipment necessary to make light work for you.


With Subtelty

Light often works best when it simply complements what is already there. Uplighting can be used to emphasize the hard edges of beautiful architecture, soft wall washes to bring out the colour of a plain space or precise spotlights to help an artwork stand out from it's background.

Texture can be added to break up swathes of bland walls, for instance a delicate beakup gobo might indicate the forms of nature, helping your audience feel more comfortable in a space. 

With the careful application of our set and rigging skills you might never even know a space has been lit, save for a subconscious thought that it just feels better.


With Meaning

A picture paints a thousand words, and light is the carrier of that picture.  Light can speak. Whether directly, such as through the use of custom gobos to project a logo above a doorway or indirectly, by directing audience attention and guiding the ebb and flow of a theatrical performance.


When applied correctly, light can help you tell your stories as well as any actor.

With Power

Light is an elemental force. From a forest of otherworldly beams cutting through the night sky at a festival, to a stroboscope plunging the crowd into an impenetrable sea of brightness in an underground techno club, light can invoke an awe in people that goes beyond comprehension.

When expertly operated and combined with a perfectly delivered performance, experiences will be created that will never be forgotten.

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