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Film & TV

Having worked with a wide variety of production companies and content creators we are well placed to offer technical assistance for any size of video project. We specialise particularly in high tech practical electrics, having lit sets and props for internationally recognized TV productions including the BBC’s Sherlock, Dracula and two full seasons of Dr Who.


In addition to this we are well versed in lighting for camera on projects such as commercials and music video. Coupled with our extensive events experience we are also able to light live events with the camera in mind when required.


We are happy working on one off projects but can also embed our staff full time in a long term production if required, ensuring that our services are available as and when you need them.

Location Lighting

We can either offer a standard van package, stocked with everything you are likely to need for a location shoot, or bespoke kit lists if you have more specific requirements.

Need more? Our established relationships with the biggest hire houses in the TV business enable us to provide any equipment you can imagine in any quantity you could need.


In Camera Video Effects

Combining our knowledge of live event video with our experience of lighting for camera we are pioneering new techniques for producing VFX practically, in camera.

Using technologies such as video mapping, scrim projection and LED screen, effects that would once have been impossible without CGI can now be produced on set in real time. This both reduces post production costs and allows actors to actually see what is happening, immersing them more fully in the scene. In camera effects also cast a true light on their surroundings, meaning that they blend in seamlessly without the need for costly IBL in post. 

Practical Lighting

At SR we excel at creative electronics and custom lighting. From highlighting a sci fi control room with LED tape to filament lamps in the dining hall of a Victorian mansion we can provide the right fixtures to give your shoot the authentic look you require. 

We also hold lamp holders and fittings in hire stock for quick solutions.

Some of the biggest names in British television rely on us for their practical electrics, and you can too.


Graphics & Playback

Another of our specialities is control and playback for large arrays of screens and displays.


Using a combination of media servers to drive intensive installations, and mini PCs running our proprietary video playback software to drive backround/dressing monitors, we can drive hundreds of screens live with pixel perfect precision. All controlled wirelessly by a single operator with a tablet.

Need tablets? No problem, we have Android and iOS apps that operate on the same system. Please note, a vast majority of consumer tablets are unable to display at refresh rates suitable for TV cameras in the UK.

Custom solutions? We can build open frame LCD panels into almost anything, big or small. Wired or battery. We can also build custom LED video panels and displays.

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