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Special Effects

With trained and experienced pyrotechnicians amongst our staff we are able to provide an impressive range of special effects, from smoke and haze, through confetti and CO2 jets to T1 & T2 stage pyrotechnics.


We use industry standard equipment from Magic FX, Force FX and Le Maître to ensure that your big moment goes off without a hitch.


The impact of pyrotechnics, without the fire. These effects use compressed gas and little bits of paper to create spectacular moments.


From our electric confetti cannons suitable for a club stage or wedding, to our CO2 confetti blowers which will fill an arena in a matter of seconds, we can put confetti where you want it.


We use only biodegradable paper confetti, so while we may make a mess of a venue (a clean up service can be provided!), we wont make a mess of the planet.

My Nu Leng Confetti.jpg


CO2 is the ultimate club effect. First pioneered in the golden years of the Ibiza scene to keep clubbers cool, no clubnight is complete without it.

Our CO2 jets deliver a huge plume of white smoke that dissipates very quickly, accompanied by a loud roar that is guaranteed to get your audience moving. We also stock low noise nozzles for our jets if you want something a little more subtle. 

Our trained technicians employ properly rated thermoplastic hoses, safety valves and CO2 monitoring to ensure that these effects are delivered safely. 

We can arrange the supply of gas cylinders, or can advise you on what to order from your existing suppliers.


The oldest and most impressive special effect. Nothing quite beats the sound and heat of real fire.

We use the full range of Le Maître pyrotechnics, suitable for both indoor and outdoor stages. 

We also hold spark generators from Showven and gas fuelled flame projectors from Galaxis in our hire stock for continuous effects.

Our technicians are fully trained and insured to deliver the effects you need safely and efficently.

Time Flies Sparkular 2.jpg

The gas man cometh . . .

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