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  • Matthew Dunford

Sherlock Season 4

When Gaffer Llyr Evans approached us for assistance with a large-scale LED installation for Season 4 of the BBCs critically acclaimed drama Sherlock we were happy to oblige.

The art department need a cutting edge, clinical look for the interiors of the Sherrinford facility and a large quantity of cold white LED strip was provided to facilitate this.

The pièce de résistance was a corridor consisting of 15 arches of LED, wrapping around the action on 3 sides. As well as being a striking aesthetic feature, this lit the set with such a soft and even light that no additional key lighting was required for the scene!

The installation was powered by over 100 Amps of our flicker free DC power supplies and controlled by an Avolites Titan Mobile, allowing precise, granular control on cue.

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