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  • Matthew Dunford

Doctor Who Season 12

After the success of season 11 we were thrilled to return in an expanded capacity for season 12. As well as continuing to maintain and operate the Tardis (along with some upgrades to the set spearheaded by new production designer Daffyd Shurmer), we worked with the production team to bring new technologies to the table and push the boundaries of what is possible on camera.

Wireless DMX came to the forefront in this season, with an increasing number of props and costumes fully controllable from the lighting desk with no wires. This was particularly valuable for costume on location, where the LEDs in multiple actors’ suits could be switched on and off on cue at ranges of over 500 meters. Our close working relationship with Wireless Solutions allowed us to integrate their OEM boards effectively and cost efficiently, backed up by our hire stock of transmitters.

We also expanded our contributions in the area of video technology. From large arrays of ultrawide LCD displays, all triggered in action, to a 360 degree projection mapped orb, we helped continue the spirit of technological innovation that Doctor Who is famous for.

Our personal highlight was an installation of 6 LCD monitors on a revolving set. This provided a unique challenge as no cables could be run in from the outside. The solution was a bank of leisure batteries running into a pure sine inverter to provide mains power, coupled with several of our Dell Laptops for processing (all ratchet strapped to the exterior of the set!). These were synchronised with NDI over an ethernet network and triggered over 2.4GHz wireless, allowing for a seamless, wireless video controlled by an operator off set. A unique solution for a unique challenge.

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