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  • Matthew Dunford

Doctor Who Season 11

It was a dream come true for SR when the BBC and production designer Arwel Jones approached us to provide technical support for the 11th Season of the cult classic Sci-Fi Doctor Who.

Our first task was to consult on the design of the new Tardis interior, which lead on to us specifying, supplying, installing and maintaining our most impressive LED installation to date. Hundreds of meters of the highest quality LED tape available, pixels, custom designed DMX drivers and power supplies were combined with a Chamsys control system to produce an impressive, flexible and long-lasting set. The granular levels of control we incorporated allowed for unprecedented precision during filming, every element is individually dimmable and colour changing, meaning that levels could be tweaked on a shot by shot basis.

As well as the Tardis SR went on to supply all the practical electrics for the season, including sets, props and costume.

As lifelong fans of the show, it was a privilege to contribute to its development in such a meaningful way and it was a joy to work with the fantastically creative team at BBC Studios.

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